On Queer Grief: An Anthology

Words by Rue Murray, Art by Maggie Swanson

2 minutes

What is Queer Joy?

Queer joy is more than just a sense of happiness. 

It is, in its purest form, the feeling of community, belonging, understanding.

It’s not just a feeling of relief, but the knowing that you are recognized in your identity.

It is knowing you are seen and heard.

To be joyful in your queerness, is to feel that innate sense of pursuing the unpopular, 

Of destroying normative ideals. 

It is grasping what society does not approve of and turning it into your own.

It is experiencing life within the notion that you are human, and yet you exist on a plane that challenges all normalcy and expectations.

It is coming together as unique individuals to create a community where we all belong in harmonious unity.

That, that is Queer Joy.

Queer Grief or November 19th 

Souls drift away in whispers. 

Bodies weep and wilt

Hearts wrench and writhe 

A community mourns. 

Innocent souls on the run 

From a merciless force 

That plagues the lives of those who 

Did not deserve to die. 

Loss wins today. 


Skin, blood and bones.

And yet there is more to it than that. 

Life lingers in us--

And we all breathe it in just the same.

Created to be creative,

To be different and unique--

Together as the same kind of entity,

Yet one not more human than another.

Never flawless,

Never perfect,

But human, nonetheless. 

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